CraveThe6ix VIP Card Launch Party at Pi Co. Yonge and Eglinton!

Pi Co. pizza

Pi Co. located at 2177 Yonge St in Toronto

This past Sunday, I was invited by Darren of @DKLoEvents to the VIP Card launch party from CraveThe6ix.  CraveThe6ix is an Instagram account that features food photos from Instagram users showcasing food from all over Toronto.  They have officially launched a discount card program with many of Toronto’s top and most popular restaurants giving you discounts or special promotions when sign up for the card (there is a physical card that you can show or you can show a mobile version).  The card is free to obtain.  You can get it by visiting their website and completing a quick sign-up.

As part of the launch party, we were invited to try the pizzas from Pi Co. at their second newest location at Yonge in Eglinton in midtown Toronto.  Funnily enough, this was my second time enjoying a Pi Co. pizza in the last month since I had just tried their original location at Bay and Bloor (blog post about that here).

Pi Co. Yonge and Eglinton

Yonge and Eglinton storefront

This was an exciting event since there were so many Instagram foodies in the house! 🙂  The event began at 8 p.m.  Pi Co. was right across the street when you exit the North side exit of the Eglinton subway station which made it really easy to find.

Pi Co. event

Owner at Pi Co.

After Darren and the owner (?  — I forget) welcomed us and gave us a brief introduction about Pi Co., it was time to line up to get our pizzas!  At Pi Co.,you can get a savory traditional Neopolitan pizza or a sweet pizza pie.  I still haven’t tried their sweet pizza pie yet but it sounds like a good dessert to share.  Their pizzas are baked in the 1,000 degree oven for 90 seconds.  You can select a “Craft Yours” pizza by customizing your own pizza with unlimited toppings or select their Margherita pizza (salads and small bites are available too).




Since I was one of the first ones there and in line, I was able to get my customized Craft Yours pizza a lot faster than the others.  I love enjoying freshly baked pizza with toppings of my own choosing! 😀

Pi Co. menu and prices


For my pizza, I chose the California tomato sauce (having tried their Crushed San Marzano Tomatoes on the first visit), with three types of cheese (shredded cheddar, blue cheese, and fior di latte — still inspired from that delicious Blue Sally that I had from True True Pizza), mushrooms, spinach, Kalamata olives, roasted garlic for the veggies, and then topped with grilled chicken and pepperoni for the meats.  Then I watched as my pizza entered the huge oven.

Pi Co. pizza toppings

Choose sauce and cheese

Pi Co. pizza toppings

Choose veggies

Pi Co. pizza toppings

Choose meats

Pi Co. pizza counter

Assembly line of pizzas

Pi Co. pizza oven

Pizza oven

Pi Co. pizza

My customized pizza! How it looked before being cut

Very soon after that, my pizza was ready!  The cashier helped me to slice up the pizza in fours but I asked for an extra slicing so that I would have eight smaller pieces instead — I knew I wasn’t going to be able to finish the whole pizza by myself and having it cut up smaller meant an easier way to eat less.  We were also welcome to take a drink from their fridge.  I chose the watermelon juice from Tropicana (I purposely chose a drink with a lid so that I would be able to salvage my leftovers — I knew I wasn’t going to drink that much juice past 8 p.m.).  (The watermelon juice was very refreshing and not too sweet but didn’t taste very strong of watermelon — but then again, watermelon is fairly light in taste anyway :P.)

Pi Co. pizza

After being sliced up

Watermelon juice

Watermelon juice

Pi Co. Yonge and Eglinton interior

Eating space inside the restaurant

Craft Yours pizza

Regular price of a Craft Yours pizza is $13

On my first visit to Pi Co. at the Bay and Bloor location, I remember not enjoying the pizza very much because it was burnt and the toppings placed on by the staff were very stingy.  On this visit, (I don’t know if it has to do with the fact that it was a media tasting/launch party) the ingredients were full and generous and the pizza pie wasn’t burnt.  Yay! 😀  Thus, I really enjoyed my pizza.  I especially liked the saltiness of the blue cheese, the tender grilled pieces of chicken (so impressed with that), and the fresh ingredients.  I also enjoyed the chewy and gooey dough.  Since it was a Neopolitan-style pizza, there were some air pockets too in the dough that made it especially chewy and delicious to eat.  I liked their pizza dough.

Craft Yours pizza

I piled mine with a lot of ingredients!

As I already knew, I wasn’t going to finish the entire pizza by myself so Fred was kind enough to grab me a box on his way out so that I could take the rest of my pizza (and my drink) home.  Yay!  The pizza tasted just as good when I reheated it in the toaster oven two days later. ^_^

Pi Co. pizza box

Pi Co. pizza box

I’m excited to use my CraveThe6ix card at participating restaurants!  At Pi Co., when you show your VIP card, a Craft Yours pizza usually priced at $13 is only $9.99!  What a steal of a deal!


CraveThe6ix rep talking about how the cards would work

Thank you so much Darren of @DKLoEvents for inviting us to the launch party and the staff at Pi Co. for a great night!  They did a really fast job of churning out our pizzas despite a room full of hungry food Instagrammers! 🙂

More photos:

Pi Co. pizzas

Pi Co. working hard to serve your pizza needs

Pi Co. pizza dough

Fresh dough being rolled up

drinks in the fridge

Drink selection

Pi Co. pizza service

Fast service!

FTC Disclaimer:  Although Pi Co. provided the meal free of charge at the launch party, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the company or individuals involved with the event.

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