Mini Golf at Timber Creek Golf

Timber Creek Golf mini putt

Timber Creek Golf located at 12772 Ninth Line in Stouffville

This wasn’t my first time mini golfing but it deserves a blog post because it was just so much fun at Timber Creek Golf yesterday!  Timber Creek Golf is located in Stouffville at Ninth Line and Main Street area.  It’s a huge golf course area with mini putt, a golf range, batting cage, inflatable bouncer for kids, and a cafe/ice cream parlour selling Kawartha ice cream.

We came here on a busy and very sunny and hot Saturday afternoon.  The parking lot was so packed that cars took up even their grassy lawn.  There were two mini golf putting courses, the Logging Camp Course and Shipwreck Course.  We played the Shipwreck Course which included an actual ship and marooned ships all around the course that fit into the theme perfectly.  It was so gorgeously designed and created!  So many of the miniature golf courses were designed into the landscape too with waterfalls, fountains, and other water elements.  It was incredibly creative and well done.  It was such a good place to play outdoor miniature golf! 😀

Timber Creek Golf mini putt

This was so scenic!!

Timber Creek Golf mini putt

I was curious if they actually dyed their pond blue lol. We played one of the courses inside that ship too!


On this day because it was the weekend and during the summer, there were a lot of people and families out playing so we did have to wait a while sometimes at each course and it did feel a little rushed when there were families behind us waiting to play the next course.  I would love to return again to try their Logging Camp course on a not-so-busy day so we can take our time.  Regardless though, it was a lot of fun and I loved the picturesque mini golf course views. 😀  (I thought it was very considerate to have park benches at nearly every other putting spot for those who need a break along the course.)

Timber Creek Golf golf balls

Playing with golf balls all day long 😛

This mini golf course was different from the Putting Edge in Vaughan since it was outside in the outdoors (that means they’re closed during the winter months) and they had some really challenging courses too (inclines and steep hills).

 Mini putt course

What a view! I loved that the courses were set within the landscape of the park

They also had a batting cage area for you to practice your batting skills.  It was only $2 to buy a token and play for around 10 hits (or something).  It was really worth it and not something that you see all the time in Toronto.  Ken had fun playing. 😛

 Timber Creek Golf batting cage

Swing, batter batter

If we stayed longer, we could have enjoyed some ice cream and taken a longer look around everything but it was already such a nice and fun afternoon already.  A lot of people had left too around the 6 p.m. time when we did — dinner time.

 Timber Creek Golf date

Such a fun day 😀

Great date place and family outing place too.  😀


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4 Responses to Mini Golf at Timber Creek Golf

  1. gchan7127 says:

    How much did it cost to play mini golf, Karen?? I have never been. It’s amazing how you have so many cool experiences!!! I really enjoy reading about them.

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