Dinner at Hong Far Hong Kong Cafe

I have no photos for this restaurant. 😀  For a simple celebratory dinner, we went to Hong Far Hong Kong Cafe located inside the Richlane Mall at Leslie and 16th Avenue in Richmond Hill last night.  The food was Cantonese style with set menus for dinner and a la carte options too.  We had a set menu which consisted of eggplant and oysters in a hot pot, steamed fish, stir fried lobster, tofu with gluten, sliced pork neck meat with yu choy, and bitter melon in a hot pot.  The food was really good and classic Cantonese comfort food.  I’m surprised that my mom and I haven’t been here before.  It was a no frills kind of restaurant and they were packed full of customers when we were here at prime dinner time.  I’d have to return again in the future to enjoy more food here. 😀

They also served soup and dessert too (it was a white fungus papaya sweet soup dessert — so yummy!).  They had a huge fishtank with fish swimming around as decor. 😀

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December 24, 2017:

For a Christmas Eve dinner, my babe and I came here for a comfort food kind of dinner.  I really like their food here!  They have really reasonably priced combo sets for two, three, four, or more people.  In fact, if you order take-out, you get an automatic 10% off your bill too.  When we arrived, there were tons of boxes of Styrofoam boxes containing take-out orders that customers were arriving to pick up.

Hong Far Hong Kong Cafe menu cover

Menu Cover

Hong Far Hong Kong Cafe menu and prices

Combo Special Menu

Hong Far Hong Kong Cafe menu and prices

More choices

I like how for their dinners, they give you a complimentary pre-meal soup and also complimentary dessert at the end of the meal too.

Since it was the two of us, we ordered the two-person meal.  We ordered the Shrimps & Cashew Nuts and Fried Oyster Pancake dishes with two bowls of rice.  The portion of each dish was fantastic, especially the Oyster Pancake.  The tastes were great; definitely my kind of Chinese food. ^_^

Shrimps & Cashew Nuts, Fried Oyster Pancake


Shrimps & Cashew Nuts

Shrimps & Cashew Nuts

Fried Oyster Pancake

Fried Oyster Pancake

Green bean dessert

Green bean dessert

Hong Far Hong Kong Cafe interior


Service was excellent too as I saw the two female staff always waiting by the counter to oversee the restaurant and serve their guests.  They came often to refill our tea and hot water cups. 🙂

I will be returning again for sure.

Hong Far Cafe Inc. Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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  1. I remember this place, it is one of the best places to hang out in hong kong. Not just their food but their menu cover is also superb as they present their dishes in a very presentable manner.

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