Ralph’s Coffee in Harbour City

Ralph's Coffee Hong Kong

Ralph’s Coffee located at Ocean Terminal L3 OT311A&312, OT312A&313 in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

January 19, 2019:

My friend brought me to the first and only Ralph’s Coffee in Asia in Harbour City, Hong Kong, known as Ralph’s Coffee.  He had previously worked at RL and thus had some affiliation with the fashion company.  

Ralph’s Coffee serves none other than coffee and lattes but also lemonade.  We each got one after a walk to the nearby Sky Corridor and touring the new Airport Express.

Ralph's Coffee Hong Kong


Ralph's Coffee Hong Kong

Mugs, pencils, etc. for sale

Ralph's Coffee Hong Kong

Small shop next to a Ralph Lauren store

The lemonade was a refreshing and thirst-quenching drink.  In addition to there being a strong dosage of lemon, it was also soda-like and very fizzy.

Ralph's Coffee Hong Kong

Lemonade. $45 HKD for both

Ralph's Coffee Hong Kong


Ralph's Coffee Hong Kong

Located inside of Harbour City


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