LEGO Fan Event – Brickfete 2017

Brickfête 2017

Brickfête 2017 located at Delta Toronto East 2035 Kennedy Rd in Toronto

This past Saturday, I went to my first ever LEGO Fan Event – Brickfête 2017 event!  Thanks to Facebook, we were alerted to this LEGO fan event and made time to attend.  The event lasted two days from Saturday, July 8 to Sunday, July 9, 2017.  It was held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Unfortunately, we didn’t realize that the closing time was 3 p.m. until we got there and thus couldn’t maximize our time that we bought our tickets for.  (We arrived at around 2-ish p.m.).

“Brickfête is a collection of amazing, jaw dropping, outstanding LEGO creations using millions of LEGO bricks by hobbyists from across Canada and parts of USA, Europe, and Australia.”

It was held at the Delta Toronto East Hotel at 2035 Kennedy Road in Scarborough (just off the 401 at Kennedy).  The last time I stepped foot into this hotel was over 20 years ago when family friends had visited Toronto and stayed here.

Parking was free that day at the hotel parking lot.

If you are a LEGO fan, you have to come to this event!  Tickets were $15 for adults and $10 for children.  I saw a “pre-paid ticket” sign so I assumed that tickets must have been available for sale online somewhere too (with possibly a promotion code?)  I checked their site and they only offer discounts to seniors and to the military.  (Brickfête is a volunteer organisation that is not owned or operated by the LEGO company nor do they represent their company.)

Hours and prices for Brickfete 2017

Hours and prices for Brickfete 2017

Stamps for Brickfete 2017


Hashtag for Brickfete 2017

Official hashtag for the event

There was a “Look What I Made” Build Area for the kids outside the main display room.  Lots of kids (and adults?!) were assembling things. 😀

Look What I Made Build Area

“Look What I Made” Build Area

Lego ice cream

LEGO ice cream :p

You have to see all of the displays in person because everything inside the room was incredible and creatively made using just LEGO pieces.

Brickfete 2017 space

A dedicated space for all of the LEGO creations!

We saw a concert stage too that had a music video playing (from a tablet inserted into the creation).  The creator, a young girl of elementary school age, came up to us and thanked us for enjoying her work too.  We had a small chat.

LEGO Ed Sheeran concert stage

Ed Sheeran’s concert LEGO style

There was a LEGO contest this year and the theme was “food”.  Haha, my speciality!! 😛  There were so many cool LEGO pieces that were food-themed.

LEGO food

Look at all the inedible food! :p

Again, words and pictures can only do so much for what we saw.  We saw a huge “Frozen” LEGO set, the most detailed sculpture ever of the CBC Building (with fun facts and questions for you to find certain characters), “NT Great Ball Contraption Inclusivity Project”, an amusement park, and many, many more LEGO creations.

Brickfete 2017 creations

Some Batman related LEGO creations.. or not :p

LEGO Frozen movie set

The Frozen set was huge!!

CBC Building LEGO set

Inside the CBC Building LEGO set!

LEGO person taking selfie

LEGO people take selfies too 😉

Inside the CBC LEGO Building set

The CBC Building LEGO set was soooo detailed!! So much going on

The ball contraption project fascinated and riveted us.  We spent so much time watching each station and seeing how it transferred the balls to the next station.  It was genius!

NT Great Ball Contraption Inclusivity Project

NT Great Ball Contraption Inclusivity Project

NT Great Ball Contraption Inclusivity Project

NT Great Ball Contraption Inclusivity Project sign

Amusement Park LEGO set

Amusement Park LEGO set!!

Amusement Park LEGO set

The claw! This was soo realistic!

A quick video of the amusement park LEGO creation:

Unfortunately, our time at the event was short.  If I were to go next year, I’d definitely arrive much earlier and give myself 2-3 hours to look at everything thoroughly.

miscellaneous LEGO creations

More LEGO creations

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3 Responses to LEGO Fan Event – Brickfete 2017

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  2. J.C. Gunning says:

    Hi, this is my event, it is our 7th annual event in Toronto and our 10th event overall. Just wanted to say Im thrilled by your blog post and glad you enjoyed yourself. I have shared this post on Brickfete’s facebook page. Cheers!

    • stenoodie says:

      Hi J.C.! That’s amazing! Congratulations on your 10th year overall and 7th year in Toronto. It was a pleasure to be there to see all the LEGO fan creations. Keep up the great work! 🙂

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