Eel Clay Pot Rice at Wing Hei Restaurant

January 10, 2019:
We ended up at this Hong Kong style cafe/restaurant called Wing Hei Restaurant (榮熙茶餐廳) for dinner. When browsing for a restaurant to eat at the first night, I had already noticed this restaurant since there was a promotional picture of an eel dish and it piqued my interest.

Upon given a table, we were given a cup of hot water each. Looking at the menu, there was nothing that really interested me except the eel in clay pot rice and so that’s what we ordered. For $15 HKD, we added a side of choi sum. A few minutes later, the server told us that there was no choi sum and so we chose the other option, lettuce.
The lettuce arrived quickly with a big dash of oyster sauce down the middle, making the lettuce unnecessarily saucy. We would have preferred if the oyster sauce was given on the side. We also got a soup of the day.
A few minutes later, we were given a second helping of lettuce. The server said the first portion was too small or something.
The eel clay pot rice arrived and it was exactly as displayed in the photo. It was a cute mini clay rice pot with the steamed rice at the bottom and the pieces of fleshy eel on top. The entire clay pot was very, very hot. It was a good size for one hungry person or two to share.
The eel itself wasn’t very seasoned but nevertheless it was fresh and well done. It was nice to eat eel again. The steamed rice was fragrant and tasty, each grain fully cooked, not too soft or hard. :9
We noticed that an adjacent table that arrived after us received a dish with choi sum in it.. Excuse me? We were told there was no more left. >=(
All cuterly were available for self-serve in a pull-out drawer at the table.
When it came time to getting the bill, I asked the server for it. He told me that if we didn’t want anything to drink that we could pay at the counter. I had forgotten our clay pot rice combo included a drink too. A female server cleared our table of the dishes and asked me what drink I wanted. After I replied, she asked my mom too. We both got hot lemon water.
When it came time to getting the bill, it turned out that they charged us for the second drink at regular price. The way the server asked my mom if she wanted a second drink implied it was included too. Little did we know that was not the case. We would have appreciated a full disclosure like most places do in telling us that a second drink was not included or something to that effect.
The food here was good, but the service was shady. -_-

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