Trying out the Burgers at Rudy!

Rudy burgers

Rudy Restaurant located at 619 College St in Toronto

After gawking with the giant rubber non-quacking duck (:D), we headed towards Little Italy for a taste of burgers!  I had seen the burgers from Rudy advertised on Instagram and many foodies had stated that it was a hit burger.  Since it was Canada Day, Rudy was actually given out free burgers to the first 150 Instagram followers too.  Unfortunately, I didn’t know about this ahead of time and thus when we arrived at 7 p.m. ish.  I asked the staff at the counter about their giveaway and she told me that it had already been done at 1 p.m. and that there was a huge turnout.

 Rudy burger menu and prices

Rudy menu

Rudy is a fast casual restaurant where you order your food at the counter and then the staff brings it out to you if you are dining in.  It’s a no frills kind of burger restaurant with some paintings on the wall and a minimal menu selection (burgers, fries, and drinks).

We each ordered the Rudy Burger which consisted of a cheeseburger, lettuce, tomato, and “Rudy Sauce” and a side of fries.  Their Rudy Burger is on the smaller size of burgers.  Even when I saw their photos on Instagram, I thought that they resembled the ones from our American neighbour, Shake Shack.  I was really excited to try these and see how they fared. 😀

It didn’t take too long for the staff to bring out our order.  When we arrived, the place was completely empty actually.  After we received our order, there was a sudden influx of customers (seriously, I think people follow us whenever we go XD).

counter at Rudy Restaurant

Their counter

 Rudy burgers and fries

Our order! 😀

The burgers indeed did look like the ones from Shake Shack with a soft squishy bun and small size.  We tried the fries first and weren’t very impressed because they were over-salted and also just didn’t taste very good; they were just regular fries really.  Because there was so much salt on the fries (you could visibly see the huge salt particles on the fries), we banged the fries against its container to get as much salt off as possible.  Too much sodium isn’t good for you…


Fries. $3.49

Rudy Burgers

The Rudy Burgers

Next, we tried our Rudy Burgers.  At first bite, I really liked them!  My burger was a little bit on the raw/undercooked side but I was fine with this.  It made the patty really soft and I liked it.  I loved the cheese on it; it was so melted and tasty and did remind me of the Shake Shack ones again.  After a bit more chewing however, I found that there were little bits of chewy beef and fat parts.  I spit these out.  I can be very particular about food. >.<

The Rudy

The Rudy. $6.49
-cheeseburger, lettuce, tomato, “Rudy Sauce”

Overall, I did like the burgers and understand the hype about them.  They’re almost like the Canadian counterpart of the Shake Shack burgers (for now).  (They also seemed a little greasier in comparison too.)  Personally, I think that if someone hadn’t tried the Shack Shake burgers, they would think the one from Rudy is the best thing ever.  However, since we were obviously comparing the two, these ones didn’t hold up against the U.S. giant.

Rudy serves fried chicken sandwiches, pickle chips, and poutine too!

Rudy Burgers store

Their entire store seen from the doorway

 Rudy storefront

Rudy storefront

Rudy Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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