All You Can Eat Vegetarian Chinese Food at Sino Vegetarian Restaurant

January 9, 2019:

So happy to have found another great vegetarian restaurant! We were in the area shopping and Sino Vegetarian Restaurant was only one minute away.
The restaurant was packed full with people dining in when we walked in at 8 p.m.  We were given a table near the doorway of the restaurant.

Upon looking at their menu, in addition to a la carte items, they offered an all-you-can-eat option where for $88 HKD per person, you could choose from a variety of vegetarian dishes (six at a time). They were separated into three categories of appetizers, main dishes, and noodles/rice/soup. We decided to try this AYCE out. The server gave us a small piece of paper and a pen for us to submit our choices.
We picked numbers: 3 (hand shredded chicken), 7 (pickled tofu), 16 (bittermelon and spareribs), 22 (mushroom and sausage), 28 (assorted vegetables), 50 (pumpkin soup).
The hand shredded chicken really resembled shredded chicken and was so tasty and slightly spicy.
The pickled tofu dish was really resembling Chiu Chow duck dish. I liked the circular tofu piece, which was so firm yet soft.
The stir fried bittermelon and spareribs also had sliced red and red peppers in it. I was so impressed with the spareribs part because it both looked and tasted like the real thing. It tasted meaty where the meat was and fatty and bouncy where the fat was.
The “sausage” part of the mushroom and sausage dish was actually long stemmed mushrooms. The mushrooms were so good.
The assorted vegetables were typical but still great.
I liked how the pumpkin soup arrived thoroughly hot and tasted delicious.
All the meat options were mock meats. Basically, everything was either made from soy or actual vegetables. I love seeing how they recreate meat dishes from soy-based products.
After this, we ordered another six dishes: 15 (diced fish with gai lan), 19 (scallops with vegetables), 23 (sausage and pumpkin), 24 (walnuts and shrimp), 43 (dumplings), 59 (chicken and mushroom congee).
The diced fish with gai lan really did resemble diced fish by tasting a bit salty. The gai lan was chopped up.
The mock scallops were flaky and a bit sweet. This dish came with mushrooms and broccoli.
The sausage and pumpkin dish also had mushrooms as “sausages”. I liked how the pumpkin were boiled to a mush.
The mock shrimps were bouncy and firm. The walnuts were a classic Chinese dish.
The dumplings came in fours and were filled with diced vegetables.
The mushroom and chicken congee was very memorable. The mock chicken strips were akin to real chicken strips and packed a slight heat. The congee was like comfort food. I could eat this any day since real chicken congee can be a bit rough sometimes.
By this point, the food had filled us up thoroughly and I was ready to leave especially since there was an air conditioning unit above the doorway that kept blasting us with cold air. The food was great in small portions and with lots of variety. If we had more people in our party, we definitely could have ordered more to try out more.

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