Golden Duke Chinese Cuisine

Located at 5284 Hwy 7 East, Unit 3 in Markham

Golden Duke Chinese Cuisine is yet another Chinese restaurant that serves dim sum and Chinese fare in the Markham area.  I’m not being bitter about how many great Chinese restaurants we have in the area, but we do have quite a lot that sometimes it’s hard to keep track of their distinguishing features or what makes them stand out from the others.  

Golden Duke Chinese Cuisine is located very close to Markville Mall at Highway 7 and McCowan Road.  On this Sunday morning, we had dim sum with our close family friends and ordered an assortment of dim sum from the dim sum sheets.  There were quite a lot of people there and many people waiting for a table.

Here’s what we ordered!

The “Fried Shrimp and Chives Dumpling” arrived first.  This is not so much a dumpling as it is shrimp and chives spring rolls!  This was delicious!  It was fried to a perfect light crisp and the inside ingredients were fresh and tasted so good. 🙂

Fried Shrimp and Chives Dumpling

Steamed Chicken Buns with Ginger:  I am not a huge fan of buns in general, but for the first time, these buns were very well made.  There were super soft and the inside was steaming hot with soft clusters of chicken.  Yum!

Steamed Chicken Buns with Ginger

Hello Siu Mais!  This is a classic dim sum order.  The pork in the siu mai was a bit fatty here.

“Steamed Pork Dumpling” Siu Mai

We ordered off the dim sum sheet and had some stir fried rice cakes with vegetables and shrimp.  Usually, this is a hard dish to accomplish successfully because if the rice cakes are not done well, they become very hard in texture.  These ones were well done and soft yet chewy.  Yum!  I liked how everything was piping hot and fresh.

We also ordered some greens off the menu.  They didn’t have any “tong choy” so we opted for some lettuce instead.  Greens at every meal are so important!

There were a lot of cars outside the restaurant trying to look for parking when we left

Overall, I really enjoyed the casual dim sum session that we had here at Golden Duke Chinese Cuisine.  This place is quite popular too so I know it is a solid place for some good Chinese food.

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