Pomme de Pain (Paris, France)

Pomme de Pain Paris, France

Pomme de Pain located at 16 Rue Berger in Paris, France

Our first meal and lunch in Paris, France was at Pomme de Pain.  We chose this restaurant cafe since its display looked the best out of all the other sandwich shops that we saw along at the Forum des Halles shopping mall and their prices were fairly decent too.  

We were a group of six and decided on ordering two sandwich combos and one sandwich to split among us so that we could share and try more (I love travelling with those who are open to sharing food! <3).

Pomme de Pain inside Forum des Halles

This location of Pomme de Pain located inside the Forum des Halles

French baguette sandwiches

French baguette sandwiches

Pomme de Pain French pastries

French pastries

French pastries

Strawberry tartlets, lemon tartlets, and more

French pastries

Beautiful pastries

The two sandwich combos came with a drink and fries and drink and a pastry.

We ordered the Le Cordeu Bleu, Le Limousin, and a chicken baguette.

Le Cordeu Bleu

Le Cordeu Bleu
-poulet, bacon, jambon de Paris, comte A.O.C.

Le Limousin

Le Limousin
-viande de boeuf race limousine, canal A.O.P., tomates, moutarde a l’ancienne

I tried the Le Cordeu Bleu and Le Limousin and really enjoyed the Le Cordeu Bleu.  It was softer and more flavourful than the beef.

Pomme de terre (fries)

Pomme de terre (fries)

The pomme de terre (fries) were actually so good!  I liked how it was crispy on the outside but soft on the inside.

Tartelette Fraise (strawberry tarlet)

Tartelette Fraise (strawberry tarlet)

The Tartelette Fraise (strawberry tarlet) was nice too!  The strawberries seemed fresh and the actual tartlet was good.

For drinks, we only had Nestea (in retrospect, we should have tried out their freshly squeezed orange juice!).

The counter and a small dine-in space

The counter and a small dine-in space

At Pomme de Pain, you place your order with one of the ladies at the counter who assembles your order.  She was patient even though we took a bit of time to finalize our orders and nice to give us extra cups and spoons.

They have a small sit-in area with a couple of tables and a counter for you to dine in if you choose.

The Tartelette Fraise really exceeded my expectations for this small cafe. 🙂  Yay for random finds!

Pomme de Pain menu

Click picture to view full menu



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  1. gchan7127 says:

    It looks delicious!!! Which city do you like the most so far? (in Europe)

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