Preview of the Pork Belly & Cheddar Croissants from Butter Baker!

"Pork Belly & Cheddar" Croissant

Butter Baker coming soon to Toronto!

Calvin of Butter Avenue found the blog post that I wrote a few months ago about the macarons that I had tasted from Butter Avenue and treated me to a preview of the baked goods that will be opening up this summer from his new bakery, Butter Baker!  Butter Baker is a new sister brand of Butter Avenue.  It will be opening up in the heart of downtown Toronto (location will be announced officially soon ).

“Butter Baker offers an evolving selection of sweet and savory pastries created using classic French confectionery cookery and techniques, made from scratch and local ingredients including fresh herbs, fresh fruits, and free-run eggs.  With gratitude and humility, we conduct our business with order and creativity to fully indulge all of your senses.  In Butter Baker, simple is better, order is an expression, and your experience is our reflection.”

I was able to try Butter Baker’s specialty “Pork Belly & Cheddar” Croissant.  It was made with cherry wood smoked pork belly, Gruyere cheese, smoky cheddar, and their secret recipe BBC sauce!

Butter Baker delivered the goods to me on an early Sunday morning and I was able to enjoy this freshly made decadent croissant!  I thought it was very thoughtful and sweet that in addition to the two samples that Butter Baker provided me, they also included some fresh cherries and accessories for photo-taking purposes as well as a personalized letter for me. 🙂

 Butter Baker complimentary sampling package

What a sweet package from Butter Baker! ❤

 Butter Baker croissant package design

I love the design and thoughtfulness that they put into the baked goods!

 Pork belly and cheddar croissants on display

On display 😛

Pork Belly & Cheddar croissant

Pork Belly & Cheddar croissant

The Pork Belly & Cheddar croissant was incredibly flaky and definitely reminiscent of high-end French pastries that you can find in the city and around the world.  Underneath the layers of flaky and soft pastry, there were chunks of pork belly and Gruyere cheese and cheddar baked within.  It was a really fulfilling and delicious croissant!  The best part was how crispy and crunchy the top layer of the croissant was.  The flavours all tied together very well too!

I’m excited to see Butter Baker launch and grow in the upcoming weeks.  Thank you so much Butter Baker for providing me with these croissants to sample and preview! 🙂

For more information, check out their website at and follow them on Instagram at @ButterBakerTO! 🙂

Butter Baker croissants

The star of this blog post! (and my backyard for a day)

Pork Belly & Cheddar croissant in hand

Freshly baked!

 Butter Baker logo

Butter Baker logo

FTC Disclaimer:  Although Butter Baker reached out and provided me with a complimentary sample, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the company.


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