Diana’s Oyster Bar & Grill Grand Opening in Markham

ice sculpture with shrimps

Diana’s Oyster Bar & Grill located at 7501 Woodbine Ave in Markham

I had the pleasure and privilege to be invited to the Grand Opening event of Diana’s Oyster Bar & Grill in Markham this past Saturday (their second location).  This grand opening was actually scheduled to take place at the end of March when I received the e-mail invitation, but due to the Mayor of Markham also slated to be at the event, the event had to be moved two times to accommodate his schedule.  I was so glad that this third time was the charm!  

The grand opening event ran from 1 to 3 p.m. on April 23, 2016 at 7501 Woodbine Avenue in Markham.  Diana’s Seafood is actually already a household name, with many people knowing that they serve some of the freshest seafood in town, namely that of fresh raw oysters.  Many restaurants around the city actually obtain their fresh oyster share from Diana’s as well (such as The Boil Bar restaurant).  Their first restaurant is located in Scarborough at 2105 Lawrence Ave E.

the front of Diana's Oyster Bar & Grill

A bigger new restaurant sign is now up at Diana’s Oyster Bar & Grill

This grand opening included many foodies in the blogger community of Toronto, distinguished family and friends, and the Markham councillor community as well.  I was excited to try some of the fresh seafood that they would be providing! 🙂

A sign showing the reserved parking spot for the mayor

A reserved parking spot just for the mayor of Markham!

The front desk of Diana's Oyster Bar & Grill

Complimentary coat check available for guests

I arrived a little after 1 p.m. with Nicole and we walked in to the sound of a party already in full swing.  The restaurant space of Diana’s Oyster Bar & Grill was huge and fit for a large gathering.  There was a live DJ with music, balloons and flowers around the room, and many guests already gathering around the large square seafood bar at the back and eating.

After I signed in with the hostess at the front, I was mesmerized with the display of food and the array of seafood available.  It was a full-on buffet of all the freshest seafood that Diana’s Oyster Bar & Grill had to offer, with lots of cold and hot dishes like smoked salmon, shrimp cocktail, raw sturgeon, and oysters as well as servers walking around with platters of food like crab cakes, lobster club burgers, bruschetta, calamari, oyster po’ boy burgers, salmon burgers, grilled salmon skewers, and more.  It was a gigantic seafood feast!

Live band members

Live band playing at the venue

Diana's seafood bar

The seafood bar!

Oysters at Diana's Oyster Bar & Grill

Look at all those oysters!! ❤

chef slicing smoked salmon

Carefully slicing smoked salmon up for us ❤

Man shucking oysters

Shucking oysters!

Two freshly shucked oysters on ice

Freshly shucked!

Platter of smoked salmon crostini

Smoked salmon crostinis!

Platter of oyster po' boy sliders

Oyster po’ boy sliders

Platter of grilled salmon skewers

Grilled salmon skewers

Platter of crab cakes with spicy mayo

Crab cakes with spicy mayo!

Celery and carrots with dip

Vegetables and dip

Salmon jerky and sliced sturgeon

Salmon jerky and sliced sturgeon

I said hi to some foodie friends that were there as well and then Nicole and I started feasting on what we had gathered on our places at our table.  There was so much food!

Grand opening drink menu

Grand opening drink menu

bartender pouring a glass of white wine

The bartender pouring a glass of white wine for me 🙂

There was also a complimentary bar for drinks too.  You could choose between red wine, white wine, draught beer (Sleeman or Sapporo), pop (coke, sprite, or ginger ale), or juice (cranberry or orange).  I had myself a glass of white wine to go with the seafood. 🙂

Seafood and cooked foods on plate

My platter of food! All for me! 😀

I really liked how the servers were so gracious and generous by coming around to our table to offer us more food.  They were also all very professional and friendly.  My plate was still so full that I had to decline the offers until I had finished more food.  Everything was so delicious!

Hand holding smoked salmon crostini

Smoked salmon crostini. Yummy!

I definitely liked the smoked salmon (it also was served on a crostini).  It was perfectly seasoned and not too salty.  Its consistency and texture was perfect too.

Hand holding half-eaten crab cake

Real crab meat inside the crab cakes!

Nicole really adored the crab cakes as it was a ball full of pure crab meat!  It was quite impressive how packed together the crab meat was in the ball.  This was really delicious too with the spicy mayo.

The grilled salmon on a skewer were also tender and delicious.

The cocktail shrimp was very delicious as well.  The shrimps themselves were large and its meat was firm.

Platter of calamari with spicy mayo dip

Calamari that was so tender and crispy!

Hand holding an octopus-looking calamari

Hehe, this calamari looks like a waving octopus!

The fried squid or calamari was also very well done!  It was fried to a crunchy crisp but the calamari rings were tender and went well with the spicy mayo.  Yummy!

Platter of bruschetta

Platter of bruschetta!

Plate of assorted food


The bruschetta was amazing!  Despite bruschetta being a common appetizer, I don’t think many restaurants actually do it justice.  Here though, the bruschetta was a huge piece and filled with many great toppings!  It actually tasted like real actual bruschetta, the way that bruschetta should be made.  Even though I was so full already when I ate it, I finished it because it was so good!

There was an oyster shot that was delicious and went down so easily.

Platter of smoked salmon cups

Smoked salmon cups

Platter of raw tuna cups

Raw tuna cups

The smoked salmon and raw tuna that came in little pastry cups were unique but I thought that the crunchiness of the bland pastry cups were an interesting match with the raw fish.  Each cup was stuffed full of fish!

Plate of assorted food

More oysters with the food!

Platter of grilled salmon sliders

Grilled salmon sliders

Lobster roll slider

Lobster roll slider

Grilled salmon slider

Grilled salmon slider

The three types of mini sliders that I had (lobster club, oyster po’ boy, and salmon) were all pretty good.  I especially liked the lobster roll and oyster po’ boy. 🙂   The oyster po’ boy was contained a fried oyster that was crunchy and fresh.

Hand holding oyster


Of course, I can’t forget the oysters!  These oysters were perfectly shucked and so fatty and meaty.  They were very fresh and easy to slurp too!  I really liked how substantial the oysters were and the kitchen served good sizes and types of the oysters too.

Diana's oyster bar counter

The mayor had arrived! Spot him eating at the counter 😛

About an hour into the event, there was some small commotion near the front of the restaurant and not only had the mayor of Markham, Frank Scarpitti, arrive, but he was commencing a short speech to commemorate the official opening of Diana’s Oyster Bar & Grill.  There were a lot of other Markham Councilor members there too on hand to help with the ribbon cutting.  In addition, the restaurant’s namesake was present as well — Diana and her husband were both present and beaming  with happiness on their restaurant opening. 🙂

Mayor of Markham Frank Scarpitti making a speech

Mayor of Markham, Frank Scarpitti, making a speech

Mayor of Markham taking a photo with the other distinguished guests

Mayor of Markham taking a photo with the other distinguished guests

After that, we enjoyed a bit more of the food and drinks before we headed out by 3 p.m.

Diana's Oyster Bar

What a beautiful venue 🙂

Diana's Oyster restaurant

Large open space

Diana's Oyster Bar & Grill

One of the mini clothes hangers that were attached to the sliders

stenoodie grand opening event

Me and the food I had 😀

Selfie after all the seafood 😀

Gift of blue chocolate balls

Parting gift from Diana’s — a box of blue chocolate balls!

Thank you Diana’s Oyster Bar & Grill for inviting me to this event.  I am sure that Diana’s Oyster Bar & Grill will see a lot of popularity and great things to come in their near future!  Their venue is beautiful and large to accommodate many guests.  In addition, their food was delicious, fresh, and high quality.  Hurrah for seafood lovers! 🙂

I actually am looking forward to visiting and dining at this restaurant myself sometime in the near future so that I can enjoy more of their delicious and succulent seafood! ^_^



Diana's Oyster Bar and Grill logo

Diana’s Oyster Bar and Grill logo

Diana's Oyster Bar and Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

FTC Disclaimer:  Although Diana’s Oyster Bar & Grill invited me to a complimentary tasting to showcase their restaurant, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the restaurant.


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  1. Gordon says:

    Their food was horrible on the lunch menu. The only saving grace was the raw oysters.

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