Bianco Pizzeria – Bar à Cocktails (Paris, France)

Bianco Pizzeria chocolate banana cake

Bianco Pizzeria located at 60 Rue Montorgueil, 75002 Paris, France

Bianco Pizzeria – Bar à Cocktails in Paris, France:

For our early dinner in Paris on our first night there, we ate at Bianco Pizzeria (a restaurant, pizzeria, cocktails bar).  We decided on Bianco Pizzeria after seeing their expansive patio where many patrons were dining on delicious-looking food.  

We opted to sit outside to experience what it was like (we saw so many Parisians and tourists lounging outside on the patio over food and drinks and people-watching too that we wanted to do the same).


Bianco English menu

Bianco English menu

Our server gave us the English menu where we ordered some drinks (it was Happy Hour from 4 to 7 p.m. and each drink ordered meant another one free), pasta, pizza, and dessert to share.  I loved this!

There was a breeze that grew stronger as we sat there but I luckily got some nice photos in before the sudden rain made us move into the inside of the restaurant to eat.  (In this sense, we got to experience both the outdoor and indoor feel of the restaurant. :P)

Baguettes and olive oil facing the street

I LOVE this shot! And what an experience this was to join Paris culture to dine on the streets and people watch 🙂

We were given a basket of baguettes and an olive oil infused with hot peppers to start our meal.  The baguettes were hard in texture and after pouring some of the olive oil on my piece, I experienced spicy olive oil for the first time.  It was good! 🙂

Paradise Dream Cocktail in mug

Paradise Dream (non-alcoholic) Cocktail. 8€
sweet cascade with strawberries, white peaches, cream, pineapple juice

The Paradise Dream cocktail was fruity and sweet.  It was a “sweet cascade with strawberries, white peaches, cream, and pineapple juice”.

Ocean Kiss Cocktail in a tall blue mug

Ocean Kiss (non-alcoholic) Cocktail. 8€
-exotic swirl of oranges, cedar, cactus, lemon, ginger, pineapple juice

The Ocean Kiss arrived in a sexy blue mermaid mug. 🙂  It was an “exotic swirl of oranges, cedar, cactus, lemon, ginger, and pineapple juice”.

Cup of lemon tea with the kettle

Lemon tea. 5€

Kerry ordered a lemon tea to soothe her stomach.

Pizza Saumon

Pizza Saumon. 16€
-tomate, mozzarella, saumon, crème fraîche

The Salmon Pizza was absolutely delicious!  In addition to thin slices of smoked salmon on it, it also had mozzarella and crème fraîche (fresh cream) on it.  It sat on top of a stand that the server brought for us which not only made it look fancy on the table but it maximized table space as you could put something underneath it.

I loved the salty smoked salmon layered on top of the pizza. ❤

Container of cheese on the table

More cheese to sprinkle on to your pizza or pasta

plate of Spaghetti Napo

Spaghetti Napo. 12€
-tomate, basilic

The Spaghetti Napo was a simple pasta dish made with tomatoes and olive oil.  The spaghetti was al dente and the sauce was creamy with cheese.  It was nice and simple :).

Le fameaux gateau "chocolat banane" chocolate banana cake

Le fameaux gateau “chocolat banane”. 8€

A chocolate banana cake showing its insides

The inside gushes out like an active vocano

I ordered the “famous” Chocolate Banana Cake.  Its presentation was so pretty!  Within the crispy chocolate exterior, there were chunks of bananas inside!  So yummy!! ^_^

Close-up shot of the nicely detailed cocktail mugs

Close-up shot of the nicely detailed cocktail mugs

Sugar packets with the name of the restaurant Bianco on it

Sugar packets with the name of the restaurant on it

Showing the inside of Bianco Pizzeria restaurant

The inside of the restaurant had an orange and black colour theme

I really enjoyed our dinner at Bianco Pizzeria (they provide free wifi).  I’m so glad that we got to experience a bit of the Parisian lifestyle. 🙂


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