Campgrounds Review: Harmony Acres Campground

tent in the woods

Harmony Acres Campground located at 6798 Hwy 6 in Tobermory

This post is a brief review on the Harmony Acres Campground that I stayed at from August 25 to 27, 2017.

We found this campground online as the first campsite link that popped up after Googling “Tobermory”.  It was a family-owned site that appeared extremely nature-friendly and devoted to preserving the area in which the camp site was in.  The website was very straight-forward and easy to navigate.  You could click to see the photos of each camp site before booking it.  There was a calendar that showed each camp site’s availability too.

The price for a two-four person campground was very reasonable and it didn’t take long for us to book the site.  Prior to our arrival for our August booking, we had put the deposit in mid-June.

Harmony Acres Campground office

Office to check in and buy extra supplies

When we got to the campgrounds on the evening of August 25, the check-in process was fine.  As I commented before in my blog post, I wish that the staff serving us was a bit more thorough in her explanation as her counterpart.  It seemed like we were given a gloss-over of the check-in process and explanation while her colleague provided a more in-depth coverage of what guests needed to know.  This is a small minor point, but it still adds to the experience of the check-in process.

Shower tokens were $2 each for a metered shower of four minutes long of hot and cold water.  There was a blue flashing button at each shower stall after you put in your token that you could press in order to pause the water for (for putting on soap or shampoo), which was definitely necessarily in order to have a shower in under four minutes.  (They don’t provide shower gel or shampoo and conditioner, so remember to bring your own.)

Harmony Acres Campground shower rooms

Doorway into new non-gendered shower rooms

Harmony Acres Campground shower rooms

Looking into one of the new shower stalls

Harmony Acres Campground showers

Metered showers

A bag of ice was $3.  A package of kindling was $2, a (small) bag of soft wood was $5, and a (large) bag of hard wood was $10.

campfire and soft wood

How we were taught to set up the campfire and the size of a small bag of soft wood

They had roasting sticks for lending at the office and I was so glad that we borrowed these so that we were able to roast hot dogs, chicken wings, and of course, marshmallows! 🙂

Harmony Acres Campground map

Map of the entire campgrounds

Their website stated that we were not to take any wood or branches from the grounds in order to make our campfire.  They seemed very strict that we had to buy the wood from their office in order to make the campfire.  However, when we were there, we did notice a few families who did not adhere to this rule at all..

Quiet time was from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. each day.  You could see the starry skies very clearly at night (provided that it was not cloudy of course).

The toilets and shower rooms were very clean.  They had a newly renovated shower room (non-gendered) and new dish-washing station too.  They had a gendered washroom and shower station near the new shower room and porta potties around the campgrounds, which I thought were as clean as could be.  There were toilet paper and hand sanitizers in each one.

The dish-washing stations were clean and outdoor.  They even had sponges and dish racks for you.

Harmony Acres Campground dish washing station

New clean dish washing station

There was big open field for horses on site.  One of the horses was very friendly.  It was super cute to take a photo next to the white horse.

white horse looking at me

White horse on site. Hi! 🙂

I liked how they had lots of bird feeders near the shower rooms too!  So many pigeons were pecking on the ground underneath these every time we passed by. 🙂  They had a hummingbird feeder too!

One thing that you have to be aware of before coming here is that their camp sites are poured with gravel.  That means that you must bring lots of cushion (blankets, yoga mats, etc.) or an air mattress so that your back and hips don’t hurt the next day when sleeping.  Also, their campfire area is just a metal ring dug into the ground with rocks around it.  There was no pre-built grill on top of the campfire.  This means that if you rely on a pre-existing grill (like some other parks or camp sites do have those), you will be disappointed that they do not have one.  Make sure you can cook on an open fire if that is the case.

Their website also stated that they had a lounge for rainy days for board games and wifi, but when we were there, this said lounge was still in the process of being built (so don’t trust that part about a lounge being present — yet).

Also, their campsites are quite close to each other so beware that privacy is limited.

Harmony Acres Campground proximity to neighbours

You can see how close our neighbours were

Harmony Acres Campground proximity to neighbours

Another angle

For the most part, Harmony Acres Campground was a very enjoyable and relaxing camp ground in which to stay in Tobermory for.  The best part was being in tune with nature. 🙂


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2 Responses to Campgrounds Review: Harmony Acres Campground

  1. Antoine says:

    I was in Tobermory yesterday no reservation I call 2 camp ground no answer then I call harmony camping nothing left , I was taking to Jazz joking around with him then I said are you sure you can’t squess me in a corner somewhere, he said wait one minute , come back on the phone it’s you lucky day we have one site for you , I ask him can I call you back in about 10 minute because I was booking cruise, call him back and he had safe it for me , that on
    Y was vary vary great , so I drive there everybody vary nice joke around with Jazz again , we when to the site install the tent when on the cruise that evening came back to camp site and had lovely sleep , this morning Canada day I have to have my coffee , do I go to office this young lady ask for the coffee come to find out she is the boss , what a sweet person , I had a coffee and a muffin that was sooooooooo good , me and her talk about her camp ground , toll her that I like the renovation that thy made , told he that I was from NB that I wanted to make a camp ground for RV , anybody that is looking for camping and vary friendly go to harmony acre camping , me and my wife really enjoy it , thank you Jazz for letting us live there , and if your boss want to give me answer on this give here the e mail on my card I give you thanks again Antoine 🙂

    • stenoodie says:

      Aw, I’m so glad to hear about your positive camping experience at Harmony Acres, Antoine!! 🙂 I remember the owner being so nice and friendly on our stay last year too. So nice that they were able to get you a camping ground last minute as well. Happy Canada Day long weekend! 🙂

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