Tobermory 2017: Part 2 ~ Flowerpot Island, Exploring Little Tub, Lunch at The Fish & Chip Place

Flowerpot Island cruise in Tobermory

Cruise to see the Flowerpot Island in Tobermory!

August 27-28, 2017:  We woke up at a nice decent hour on the third day and made breakfast.  We were experts now at starting the fires.  We had bought tickets for the glass-bottom cruises from Bruce Anchor Cruises to see Flowerpot Island at 1:40 p.m. so we decided that we would make and eat lunch on the site too.  After a nice hot shower for me, we began making lunch by 11:30 a.m. and set out at 1:15 p.m. to park our car and get to the shuttle bus.

breakfast made with iron skillet

Our first meal of the day — delicious breakfast! ^_^

caterpillar on tent

Found this little guy when adjusting our tent

caterpillar on tent

Another one!

lunch made using iron skillet pan

Our lunch!

lunch made using iron skillet pan

Delicious and perfectly toasted bagel with lentil soup :9 Burger patty too 🙂

The parking lot was a little difficult to find at first but once we did, we immediately parked and boarded the shuttle bus which took us to the harbour where the Flowerpot Island cruise would leave from.

Bruce Anchor Cruises ticket

Our cruise tickets

Bruce Anchor Cruises complimentary shuttle bus

The complimentary shuttle bus from the parking lot to the harbour

Bruce Anchor Cruises harbour

The Bruce Anchor harbour!

Bruce Anchor Cruises ferry

This was the 1:30 p.m. ferry

Georgian Bay shore

So nice 🙂

Bruce Anchor ferry

Our 1:40 p.m. ferry!

The cruise had a glass-bottom and it took us to see the shipwrecked boats that were still preserved under the clear waters.  It was a really neat sight to see the wood of the sunken ships.  The tour guide mentioned that the wood of the boats were so thick and dense that if they were to cut apart the wood, the inside of it would still be dry! :O

Bruce Anchor Evolution

On board the Evolution boat

Onboard the Bruce Anchor Evolution

So many tourists

Bruce Anchor Cruises views

Sailing towards the shipwrecked boats

Bruce Anchor Cruises views

More views

Bruce Anchor Cruises glass bottom

Yay! Got to the shipwrecked part!

Bruce Anchor Cruises glass bottom

You can see the boat underneath the ferry

Bruce Anchor Cruises glass bottom

So neat!! The waters were so clear too

After this, the boat took us about 30 minutes across the open waters to Flowerpot Island.

lighthouse in the Georgian Bay waters

Lighthouse with some kayakers

Georgian Bay waters

It looked stormy

Bruce Anchor passengers

Fellow passengers

“Flowerpots” are a geological landform leftover from parts of the land that were previously underwater and shaped over decades of water flowing against it.  When the water levels receded and a piece close to it breaks off, it remains standing as a “pot”.  Vegetation grows over it to make it look like a flowerpot.  There were three of these on Flowerpot Island: a large flowerpot, a small flowerpot, and a rounded one on the beach.

Flowerpot Island from the boat

Arrival to Flowerpot Island! You can see the biggest flowerpot there

Our time to depart the island and return back on the boat was 4:50 p.m. which meant that we had about two hours from the time we stepped foot on the island to walk about and see the flowerpots and light houses.

Flowerpot Island beach

First look from the island


Spot the little chipmunk! They were all over Tobermory, an animal I don’t see often in Toronto

There was a rocky beach.  It was too bad that it was a bit gloomy that day otherwise our views would have been even nicer.  And although it was initially windy when we got there, it wasn’t too bad later on.  The waters were just as clear as they were when we were at the Grotto yesterday!

Rocky beach

Beach made with rocks

Flowerpot Island rocky beach

It was an interesting walk for the feet here

Flowerpot Island shore


There were a lot of tourists and it was at times difficult to get a good shot without people in the way when it came to seeing the flowerpots.

How are flowerpots sculptures made

How flowerpots are made

Flowerpot Island views

Approaching the large flowerpot in our stroll

Flowerpot Island formations

Partial flowerpot formations on the island

Flowerpot Island path

Clear signs telling us how far it is to the flowerpots

Large flowerpot on Flowerpot Island

Large flowerpot!!

Round flowerpot on Flowerpot Island

Round flowerpot

The lighthouse was interesting and there was a museum inside of it, both the ground and upper levels.

solar power on Flowerpot Island

Solar power

houses on Flowerpot Island


Flowerpot Island map

The entirety of the island

Flowerpot Island museum

Creepy-looking things inside the museum XD

Flowerpot Island views

Views as we walked back

By 4:30 p.m., we were back at the dock and ready to go ‘home’.

Flowerpot Island views

This looks like the Scarborough Bluffs XD

Flowerpot Island infographs

Information about the island

Flowerpot Island infographs

History about the shipwrecks

Flowerpot Island infographs

More info

This time, the cruise was a different smaller one than the one that we arrived in.  By then, the winds had picked up and it was definitely gloomier than when we arrived.

Flowerpot Island dock

Our ferry approaching!

Bruce Anchor Frontier ferry

A different bottom glass ferry this time, the Frontier

Bruce Anchor ferry interior

Inside of the Frontier

Bruce Anchor Frontier ferry

This time we got a direct glass bottom view

Time flew and already it was our last night at the campfire.  We celebrated with another great dinner, beers, and a walnut tart! ^_^

Dinner made with cast iron skillet

Final camping dinner!

Walnut tart

Walnut tart!

nighttime campfire

Final nighttime campfire

The stars at night were so bright and beautiful…!

The next day, we woke up late.  I finally slept really well.  The night before, I had put an extra blanket on top of my doubled-up yoga mats and my comforter too.  The bed was finally not so hard on the gravel ground.

We hurriedly made and ate breakfast and then washed up and packed up our entire campsite away by 11 a.m.  It was bittersweet to be leaving so soon but our trip was done.

Stew in cast iron skillet

Yay! Stew for breakfast ^_^

camping breakfast

Stew and toasted bagels 🙂

tent in the woods

Our humble abode

We took advantage of our last beautiful campfire and tried to cook the popcorn (the ones in those pre-packaged tin containers).  Unfortunately, in our haste and my uncertainty over whether it was fully popped or not, I ended up burning the kernels.  Lol oops.

instant popcorn

Popping corn over an open fire

Although we wanted to do some kayaking in Little Tub Harbour before we left, it was a gloomy and rainy morning.  We walked around the shops instead and then enjoyed lunch at a local fish and chips place.

Little Tub Harbour

Little Tub Harbour — much gloomier than the first day we saw it

Tobermory map

Tobermory map

Tobermory photo op


Tobermory photo op

Paddle not provided XD

This restaurant was called The Fish & Chip Place — I know, how original. 😛  We were lucky to get a patio table which was so nice on a cool and breezy day.  We ordered their namesake fish and chips to share, an appetizer portion of their clam chowder, and their Tobermory Fish Taco (which apparently put them on the map).

The Fish & Chip Place Tobermory menu and prices


The Fish and Chips were two pieces of lightly battered fresh Georgian Bay Whitefish served with fries and tartar sauce.  I thought that the fish was nicely battered and fried indeed but that the fish meat was a little bland.  It relied on the tartar sauce for flavouring.  The fries were good.

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips. $12.95
-two pieces of lightly battered fresh Georgian Bay Whitefish served with generous helping of fries

The Clam Chowder appetizer portion was a good size.  I didn’t like that it was so dense and thick.  The taste was fine though.

Clam Chowder

Clam Chowder (appetizer). $4.95

The Tobermory Fish Taco was huge!  It looked like a burrito.  For $5.95, this was a really good deal.  It had crispy bits of fish served on a soft tortilla with shredded cabbage, tangy white sauce, salsa, and garnished with a lime wedge.  This was not bad although the “crispy bits” of fish were really just bits of fish and not full fish meat.  It had a lot of shredded cabbage in it too and made it seem healthy that way.

Tobermory Fish Taco

Tobermory Fish Taco. $5.95
-crispy bits of fish served on a soft tortilla with shredded cabbage, tangy white sauce, salsa, garnished with a lime wedge

The Fish & Chip Place food

Good local food!

I liked that our server already had our bill in her pocket when we asked for us which saved on the waiting time.  It was a very popular spot for lunch and lots of people were waiting for a table when we left.

The Fish & Chip Place storefront

Line-up outside the restaurant

Coffee Shop Tobermory

Getting an iced coffee from The Coffee Shop before our trip home

Our parking ticket (which someone generously gave to us at a discounted cost) was until 2 p.m. at which time we promptly made our way home back south.

car views

You can see that road moving up a hill in the distance

It was a great trip.  We learned how to build a campfire and cook on it (cast iron skillet is the best!), spent time with mother nature, visited the well-known parts of Tobermory, and had a lot of quality couple time.  Yay for extended weekend getaway trips! ^_^


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3 Responses to Tobermory 2017: Part 2 ~ Flowerpot Island, Exploring Little Tub, Lunch at The Fish & Chip Place

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  2. Robert says:

    Thank you for sharing this link to part 2 of your fantastic trip! I really enjoyed the whole camping part intertwine with the glass boat and viewing the flower pot island. I must say, for camping your food looks mighty tasty! I am very glad I took interest in your blog post! Your blog has renewed my interest in travel! Thank you!

    • stenoodie says:

      I’m super glad to hear that, Robert! 🙂 We definitely had some great meals even while camping!

      I absolutely love travelling and have been blogging about my travels since 2013. Have you been to Montreal, Chicago, or to China recently? If so, I also just completed my travel series on those.

      You can click on this tab to view those posts all at once and pick and see what you want to read if you are interested:

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