Tortoise Herbal Jelly at 海天堂

Hoi Tin Tong 海天堂 herbal jelly

Hoi Tin Tong located at Shatin 橫壆街2-16號沙田中心L3 – 12舖 in Hong Kong

September 22, 2017:  After the yummy mantis shrimp meal we had, we were in the Shatin area and I wanted some herbal jelly to balance out the heat in my body.  We came across a herbal jelly shop called Hoi Tin Tong 海天堂.

We each ordered the 香港傳統龜苓膏 (“Hong Kong traditional turtle herbal jelly”) in cold version.  The bowl that it was served in looked authentic but it turned out to be just a plastic cup made to look like one of those ceramic bowls.  The taste of the herbal jelly also wasn’t “金” enough for my taste.  I’ve had really good authentic herbal jelly (gui ling gao) before.

Hoi Tin Tong Shatin branch interior

Shatin branch

Hoi Tin Tong menu and prices


tortoise herbal jelly

香港傳統龜苓膏. $50 HKD

Gui ling gao

A scoop of it

Hoi Tin Tong Shatin branch storefront

Such a good location for business


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