Mantis Shrimp Feast at Sai Kung Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant

Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant mantis shrimp

Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant located at 47-71 Sai Kung Hoi Pong St, Sai Kung in Hong Kong

September 22, 2017:  Like I said, after my first light lunch at Blacksmith Tea House, I reunited with my mom again and we went to Sai Kung Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant (全記海鮮菜館) on Hoi Pong Street.

Our sole purpose here was to dine on mantis shrimp.  There is probably no better place in the world of which to eat good fresh seafood and mantis shrimp happens to be just one of the amazing eats at these Sai Kung restaurants near the harbour.

My family and I usually go to the other seafood restaurant but my mom and I decided on this one to try it out.

Although they had really good two-person, four-person combos, and so on, we decided to just eat mantis shrimp exclusively since the two-person combo only included one catty of it.

Like the other seafood restaurants on Hoi Pong Street, they display all of their seafood outside in huge tanks.  Since we were ordering a la carte, we actually could choose the mantis shrimp ourselves first.

Sai Kung Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant seafood tanks

When you dine in a la carte at the restaurant, you can choose the seafood that will be cooked for you

Sai Kung Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant seafood tanks

So many types of sea life!

The seafood handler took out three mantis shrimp for us, two with more meat and one with more tomalley.

We negotiated a firm price of $288 HKD per catty of the mantis shrimp and asked the hostess to throw in a free plate of veggies too.  After a bit of hemming and hawing, she gave in and led us inside to a table for our lunch.

Sai Kung Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant combos

Two-person, four-person, and eight-person combos

There were two types of peanuts on the table which I quite enjoyed!  I usually don’t like peanuts at all.


Complimentary peanuts

When our platter of fried salt and peppered mantis shrimp (椒鹽瀨尿蝦) arrived (in a cute little woven platter), I was beyond happy and excited!!  Each mantis shrimp was cut up into four chunks so we had 12 pieces to savour and enjoy. ^_^

fried salt and peppered mantis shrimp

椒鹽瀨尿蝦 (fried salt and peppered mantis shrimp). $288 HKD per catty

fried salt and peppered mantis shrimp

My favourite thing to eat in Sai Kung!

fried salt and peppered mantis shrimp

Mmm :9

Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant table

Their interior was very traditional Chinese-style

This mantis shrimp meal was one of the best I’ve ever had!  I say that because we got to take our time to fully and thoroughly enjoy each bite.  The salt and pepper seasoning was also sufficient which made each bite even more savory.  The mantis shrimp was cooked to perfection.  It was so moist and fresh!!  One of my favourite seafood dishes that I unfortunately only get to eat when I’m in Asia.  I definitely licked my fingers clean and finished all the shells clean. 🙂

We had our free dish of boiled veggies too which turned out to be a really good size.

 Boiled veggies

Boiled veggies

A plate of complimentary fruit was also included.  Sweet oranges!

 Platter of oranges

Platter of oranges

Sai Kung Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant interior

There is inside and outside seating

Yay, Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant!  Amazing mantis shrimp meal. ❤

Sai Kung Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant storefront

The front of the restaurant

Sai Kung Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant storefront

Their seafood tanks are a little smaller than the other restaurants

Sai Kung Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant storefront

We’ve never dined outside before; we always dine indoors


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6 Responses to Mantis Shrimp Feast at Sai Kung Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant

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  2. Kitsune says:

    It looks delicious! Can you tell me how to get here from TST area? Thanks in advance!

    • stenoodie says:

      You can take the MTR to Sha Tin station and then take the 299X bus to Sai Kung. Also, you can go to Google Maps on your smartphone or computer and type in “Sai Kung Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant” and it will show you multiple ways to get there via public transit. Google Maps is so easy to use! 🙂

      • Kitsune says:

        Thank you Stenoodie! I’ve been to HK so many times but still hasn’t try mantis shrimps! hope to try it next month! Love your blog I can’t stop drooling :p

      • stenoodie says:

        Aw, you’re very sweet. Thank you so much! 🙂 Yes, you have to try mantis shrimp when you go to HK next time (or you are already there). It’s the best and so fresh there! :9 A lot of restaurants will serve it.

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