Trying out Fatburger for the first time! [Defunct]

Fatburger in hand

Fatburger located at 10 Disera Dr, Unit #120 in Thornhill

Back in July, Andrew of Fatburger sent me a message inviting me to their store to try out their Fatburger combo in order for some social media exposure for their restaurant.  I didn’t get a chance to visit them until this past Friday.  I hadn’t tried Fatburger before and also never heard of them until recently.

Fatburger is located near Centre Street and Bathurst Street in Thornhill near the SmartCentres Thornhill plaza.  I am not in this area often; in fact, the last time I was here was actually for lunch across the street at Mezza Notta in 2014.  Fatburger’s story began in 1952 in L.A. with fresh never-frozen burgers that are made to order.  Since then, they have grown their franchises all over the world.  Fatburger has been in Canada for ten years already.  Somehow, I never heard of them until now.  I was excited to try this burger chain out!

When we got there just after 5:30 p.m. on a long weekend Friday, there weren’t many people there.  Including us, there was only one other party of two dining in.  The rest of the customers that came in and out ordered take-out orders.

 Fatburger storefront

Skinny entrance for a Fatburger store 😛

I entered through the Disera Drive entrance.  When I walked in, there was a dining room with lots of posters about their burgers.  I continued walking in to where the order counter was and asked for Andrew.

 Fatburger interior

Happy and loud dining room

I introduced myself to Andrew who acknowledged me right away and set up my order right away too.  It helped that I had just sent him a direct message on Instagram inquiring about a good time to visit too so that the intention of my visit was obvious and seamless.

We were able to enjoy two burger combo orders that day with a drink and fries.  I ordered the Original Fatburger (no question about that) with all the works with regular fries and root beer.  I also ordered the specialty burger, Hawaiian Cheeseburger with early fries and iced tea for my mom.  After placing our order, Andrew asked us to wait in the dine-in area while our order was being prepared.

 Fatburger order counter

Order counter

 Fatburger menu and prices


Fatburger condiment selections

Condiments for the Fatburger

It was a very comfortable and quiet area to enjoy our burgers that evening.  They have a flat-screen TV with loud mainstream music playing through their speakers.

 Fatburger soft drinks

Soft drinks that came with the combo

Before long, our burger combos arrived!  It only took around ten minutes or so.

 2 Fatburger burger combos

Two burger combos 🙂

The burgers and fries looked great!  I was really impressed with the regular fries.  It’s common for fast-food joints to screw up even the most simple regular fries but Fatburger did theirs well.  The fries were so crispy and substantial in terms of its length and density.  It was honestly one of the best fries I’d ever had!

The Curly Fries were dusted with Cajun powder.  I liked the curly fries too.  It’s not often that I see curly fries on the menu in any event.  These were obviously more flavourful than the regular fries but were just as fresh and crunchy.

 Curly Fries with Cajun powder

Curly Fries with Cajun powder

The Original Fatburger had 1/3 pounds of beef.  Their beef are fresh, never frozen Alberta Angus beef with no additives, binders, or fillers.  The burgers are hand pressed and cooked to order.  It came with a choice of mustard, relish, onion, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, and mayo — the classic works.

 Original Fatburger

Original Fatburger combo. $7.99
-mustard, relish, onion, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo

The burger was a really good size; not too small or big.  When biting into it, the beef was very meaty and substantial.  I really enjoyed this burger!  It was definitely a classic burger that tasted good.  There were also cheese and bacon added to it as well thanks to Andrew’s suggested add-ons.

Hawaiian Cheeseburger combo

Hawaiian Cheeseburger combo. $9.99
-Angus beef, Swiss cheese, maple bacon, grilled pineapple

The specialty burger Hawaiian Cheeseburger had Angus beef, Swiss cheese, maple bacon, and grilled pineapple.  I don’t ever recall having a Hawaiian cheese burger before (with pineapple in the burger) so this was a very welcome change in burgers for me.  This was a flatter burger in appearance when compared to the Original Fatburger.  This one also had teriyaki sauce and bacon in it too.

This Hawaiian Cheeseburger was very saucy and distinctive in taste than most burgers.  The grilled pineapple and teriyaki sauce made it taste  more sweet and the Swiss cheese was all melted from the heat of the beef.  After a while, the burger tasted very sweet and saucy.  It actually helped that we switched our burgers from time to time so that we balanced out the intense flavours of this burger.

Hawaiian Cheeseburger

You can see the slice of grilled pineapple peeking out

I’m really glad that I was able to try out the burgers from Fatburger!  I can’t believe that it’s such a global brand but yet I hadn’t heard of it until now.  For around $8 for the Original Fatburger is such a good deal in my opinion.

Fatburger also sells chicken tenders, ice cream shakes, onion rings (which I should have tried in lieu of the curly fries in hindsight), veggie burgers, turkey burgers, nachos, and more.  You should check them out if you are a fan of tasty burgers. 🙂

 Fatburger napkin dispenser

We’re curvy, not fat ;P

 Fatburger poster

Yay for fresh burgers!


Original and Hawaiian Cheeseburger Fatburgers

FTC Disclaimer:  Although Fatburger reached out and invited me to a complimentary tasting to review their restaurant, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the restaurant.

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