Classic Cha Chaang Teng fare at Chrisly Cafe

Chrisly Cafe

Chrisly Cafe located in 107 Sai Yeung Choi St S, Mong Kok in Hong Kong

Sept 11, 2017:  Today we went to a classic Hong Kong style cafe for breakfast and lunch called Chrisly Cafe (華星冰室)  in Mong Kok (although it also shows up as “Capital Cafe” online..).  Since we were staying at a nearby hotel, we actually got 2 free meal vouchers to Chrisly Cafe.  Yay!

We got there today just at 11:55 a.m. which was enough time to enjoy their breakfast (their breakfast hours were from 7 to 12 p.m.).  We ordered the traditional breakfast which included macaroni with ham, two eggs and buttered toast, and a drink.

I loved the interior look of the HK style cafe.  It was bustling with lots of people but luckily we walked right in without having to wait.  On the wall were lots of photos of celebrities who had been to the restaurant before.

Chrisly Cafe interior

View of the cafe from where we sat

Chrisly Cafe interior

Celebrities on the wall

Chrisly Cafe menu and prices

Full menu on the table

Chrisly Cafe breakfast prices

Western breakfasts available before noon

Chrisly Cafe combos

Breakfast, All Day Meal, and “Healthy Meal” combos

Chrisly Cafe menu signature

There’s a signature beside the menu item!

The breakfast arrived within seconds of ordering it.  I love HK style cafes and their speediness!

Breakfast combo

Breakfast combo. $38 HKD

Hot lemon water

The scrambled egg was delicious!!!  So fluffy and smooth.  The best kind! ^_^  The buttered toast was thick and chewy too.

Buttered toast and scrambled eggs

Buttered toast and scrambled eggs

The macaroni with ham was standard. It was good too! 🙂

Macaroni and ham

Macaroni and ham

A few minutes after the clock struck 12, we ordered the standard All Day Meal combo with our second voucher.  For the All Day Meal, this included BBQ pork spaghetti or macaroni, eggs and ham and buttered toast, and a drink.  It was relatively similar to the breakfast combo.

Chrisly Cafe All Day Meal combo

Chrisly Cafe All Day Meal combo. $42 HKD

The scrambled eggs were just as good in this one.  The ham was standard.

Buttered toast, ham, and scrambled eggs

Buttered toast, ham, and scrambled eggs

The BBQ pork and spaghetti were standard no frill items.

Spaghetti and BBQ pork

Spaghetti and BBQ pork

Spaghetti and BBQ pork

BBQ Pork hiding under the spaghetti 😀

After we finished our food, we left and saw there were people waiting in line!  I’m really glad I got to try this HK style cafe.

Chrisly Cafe interior

I loved their look! So traditionally HK-style cafe!

Chrisly Cafe storefront

This is their Mong Kok branch. They have another one in Wan Chai

I was looking it up on OpenRice after the visit and it looks like the restaurant is opened by celebrities and features a dish of scrambled eggs with truffles on it!  I’d love to return to try it. 🙂

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  2. gchan7127 says:

    One day, I would like to check this place out as well! It looks so delicious!!

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