Hot Pot Dinner at Garden Restaurant

Garden Restaurant hot pot dinner

Garden Restaurant located at 469 Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei in Hong Kong

Sept. 11, 2017:  For dinner at night, we went to Garden Restaurant (花園酒家) in Yau Ma Tei for hot pot!  This hot pot was in a comfortable restaurant on the upper floors of the restaurant that also serves dim sum, a la carte dinners, and more.  I remember eating dim sum here at the restaurant with my family as a kid.

It was a good deal for hot pot of $198 per person before the 10 p.m. time slot.

 Garden Restaurant hot pot dinner price

Hot pot dinner pricing

 Garden Restaurant storefront

Storefront of restaurant

We got there at 6:30 p.m. and entered together as a group.  Upon being seated, we could go out into the drinks station to choose any drinks of our choice — it was all-you-could-drink too (non-alcohol of course!).

 Garden Restaurant interior


 Garden Restaurant interior

Lots of people were already dining

I chose my favourite plum juice which goes so well with heat-inducing hot pot meals.

 hot pot drinks

Variety of drinks and beverages available

There was a huge list of hot pot foods to order from on a list.

 Garden Restaurant hot pot prices

Hot pot pricing

 Garden Restaurant hot pot menu

Hot pot menu

The condiments station was significant too and was the first thing you saw when entering the restaurant through the elevators.

They had a lot of different sauces and condiments.  I was amused that the soy sauce was dispensed via a water cooler. XD

 Condiments table

Condiments table

 soy sauce in a cooler

Soy sauce dispensed from a cooler

 hot pot condiments

My bowls of condiments

We ordered a lot of valuable seafood to eat like fish, fish stomach, and more.  Scallops and shrimp were part of the all-you-can-eat hot pot already.

 Split pot

Split pot

 Scallops and shrimp

Scallops and shrimp

 Fish stomach

Fish stomach

It was so different eating hot pot in Hong Kong.  They have way more interesting and high value items on the menu for choosing.

We had a parlsey and thousand year egg soup broth paired with a Ma La spicy one.  The ma la broth wasn’t as spicy as expected but more salty.  I stuck with the less savory side and the foods indeed picked up the fresh parsley flavours.

seafood for the hot pot

Lots of seafood for the hot pot

 Hot pot feast

Too much food!

 Boiling pot

Boiling pot

 Raw beef

Raw beef

 shrimp on a skewer

Cooked shrimp on a skewer

 vanilla ice cream

Complimentary ice cream for dessert

 Congealed soup in pot

Congealed soup in the pot after the meal. Ick!

It was a good hot pot meal.  Super worth it too!  At the end of our meal, we saw so many high school students come in for the deal in hordes.

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