Congee at 大師傅粥品

大師傅粥品 congee

大師傅粥品 located in Mongkok, Hong Kong

September 12, 2017: 大師傅粥品.

For a brunch today, I was feeling for traditional congee so we went to 大師傅粥品 near our hotel.

This restaurant ranked highly on OpenRice and indeed it was fairly good.

Similar to other congee restaurants in Hong Kong, you sit yourself inside, take a look at the menu, and the server is ready immediately to take your order.  The food arrives in lightning speed too.

I ordered the ‘whole egg loose beef’ congee.  My favourite is the loose beef inside the smooth and velvety congee.  This one was different since it had a whole egg inside.  After trying it, I’ll opt for no egg next time and just the delicious soft loose beef.

We ordered the vegetarian rice noodles too.  This wasn’t the smoothest rice noodles I’ve had but after adding in the sweet sauce and peanut sauce, it was quite good still.

My mom ordered the pork liver and fish congee.  The pork liver was so soft and not mushy.  The fish fillets were fatty and delicious.

A solid place for congee! 🙂


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