Hotel Review: Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong

Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong exterior

Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong located at 88 Tai Kok Tsui Rd, Tai Kok Tsui in Hong Kong

I really liked this hotel!  We stayed at Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong for a couple of days and checked out on September 13, 2017.

We knew of this hotel thanks to a family friend who recommended it to us based on its cleaniness, affordability, and convenience.

It’s very close and convenient for transit.  There is a minibus, number 12A, that goes to the Mongkok East station just around the corner of the hotel (ride takes around 5 minutes).  The A21 airport express bus is also available just 7 minutes’ walk from the hotel.

It was affordable and convenience came with a price for space.  The hotel room that we booked had two single sized beds in a 190 square feet total space.  190 sf!!!  That’s the size of a washroom at home for some people.  But I loved the way they designed the room to make it feel comfortable despite it honestly being one of the smallest hotel rooms I’ve ever stayed in.

Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong

First look of the hotel

Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong lobby


Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong hallway

Hallway of 12th floor

Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong room

Our room

When you walk in the room, the restroom was immediately next to the door (there was a small mini bar table for a water kettle, tea, instant coffee packs, and mugs) and a small mini fridge.

Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong mini bar

Mini bar

There was a curved-in glass that separated and surrounded the restroom itself.  The shower was a step-in.  You literally step in since it was designed with a lowered part — why can’t all showers be designed this way; it was so easy to step in without anything in the way!  I loved how the tiles were an ocean blue at the bottom.  It was so pretty!

The shower had a handheld part and also an overhead rainshower head.  (I have come to learn from this trip that I absolutely love rainshower heads!!)

Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong washroom

Washroom with a slide-door

The flat-screen TV was flush against the wall with a narrow table alongside the wall.  It definitely was space efficient inside!  There was a small rolling stool as a made shift chair for the “desk”.

The two single beds only had a body’s width size between them and a tiny nightstand.

Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong beds

Two single beds

Despite the tight space, I immediately felt so at home inside the room and immediately took a liking to it.  At night, I had really restful sleep.  There were sufficient curtains to close the window to block out the sun.

Despite the tight space, what helped alleviate it was that there was a very wide ledge under the window that you could maximize to your advantage.  It was wide enough to sit or to place all your luggages on (which was what we did) — since they also don’t have any end tables to place your luggage.

I liked that there was a see-through closet that was so classy and compact yet fully functional.  Before leaving each day to go out, we also placed some of our items in the bottom of the closet (that didn’t full reach the ground) so that the cleaning staff wouldn’t have to brush into it.  It was so handy!

Another plus was that there were large mirrors that definitely aided to make the room bigger than it was.  The mirrors at the headboard of the beds lengthened the room.  The full-length mirror helped to elongate the restroom and corridor area too (also the transparent glass closet help to eliminate the feeling of any boxed-in feeling).

The ceilings were high, another point that helped to make it feel comfortable and spacey inside the small space.  Whoever designed these compact rooms wins!  Such clever ideas. 😀

There were some outlets hidden within the narrow table next to the wall — enough power outlets, which is important for the modern traveller.

Wifi was fast and stable.

Lots of hotels do this nowadays: they provide a free cell phone for you to use.  You can use it for local calls and IDD calls.  Best of all, it had unlimited data and a hotspot to share the data!  This meant we didn’t have to buy a phone card at all for data and calling this time (provided that we stuck with each other of course 😂).  The phone was easy to use.  However, on the second day, after the phone had run out of battery and it restarted, it said the sim card was missing and wouldn’t work properly.  We easily exchanged it right away at the hotel front desk for a new one that worked.

The lobby of Dorsett Mongkok was small but practical enough.  A lot of hotels have bigger lobbies so that’s why this one felt so small to me. XD

Another highlight of Dorsett was that their customer service was excellent.  The front desk staff were tremendously friendly and definitely professional when checking us in.  It really paled in comparison to the hotel we stayed at last year where the front desk staff had attitude issues. …

Even when we checked out at the hotel and inquired about the airport express bus route, the staff was patient and helpful.  They were prompt and friendly with the checkout process too.

Dorsett also had a service for flexible 24-hour check-in/check-out service.  All we had to do was fill in a form on their website (make sure you do it 72 hours before you check in) and request for a longer check-out time if you needed it.  It was so helpful for us and anyone who has a later flight who might need the hotel room a little longer than the standard 11 a.m. check-out time.  Yay! 🙂

Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong shuttle bus schedule

Free shuttle bus service

I’m definitely considering future stays at Dorsett due to the pleasant experience I had staying here. 🙂

There is a McDonald’s, a Watson’s, and supermarket right across the street.  Lots of restaurants including a really yummy Singaporean chicken rice restaurant and popular Cafe de Coral are also in the area.

Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong room view

View from our room


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  1. gchan7127 says:

    I’ll stay here too if I go visit HK! Haha. lol thanks for the awesome post, Karen! Okay. That is all for today. I’ll read some more tomorrow. Haha.<3

    It was so interesting!!

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