Délice House (Paris, France)

bowl of pho at Délice House

Délice House located at 92 rue de Provence, 75009 Paris in France

After a relatively fast and simple “snack” at the Louvre on our visit there, we arrived at Galeries Lafayatte for some shopping for the afternoon in Paris, France.  Before that though, the rest of our friends wanted a popular lunch so we settled for some Asian food at the nearby Chinese & Asian Fusion restaurant called Délice House.  

Délice House serves Vietnamese food in addition to Chinese food (thus, making an Asian fusion fast food restaurant) and located inside a small plaza beside a McDonald’s.

Selection of Chinese food available ready to eat

A huge selection of Chinese food available ready to eat at the front counter

Assortment of Chinese food behind glass

Looks so good! (But we weren’t here for Chinese food haha)

Restaurant menu

Partial menu

Since I wasn’t too hungry from the ham and cheese baguette sandwich that I had earlier, I opted to share a bowl of Vietnamese pho with my mom.  A bowl of beef pho was 8.50€ and you could add 1.50€ for a small grass jelly dessert.

We ordered and paid at the counter (where there was also a great assortment of Chinese food) and then our food was ready almost instantly to take back to our table to eat.  There were a lot of people eating here and there was free wifi too!


Bowl of beef pho on a tray

Beef pho. 8.50€

The bowl was steaming hot and there was an assortment of raw beef, beef balls, beef tendon inside the bowl.  The pho rice noodles were thick and slippery and tasted decent.  I really liked the beef broth that was thin yet flavourful.  The raw beef was a little overcooked though.


Cup of Vietnamese grass jelly dessert

Vietnamese grass jelly dessert (for an extra 1.50€)

I really liked the small cup of grass jelly dessert!  The jelly inside the dessert was fresh and tasty and it was a good break from eating the hot pho.  However, in terms of authenticity, Ken said that it didn’t contain the typical mung beans in a typical Vietnamese grass jelly dessert.

What Délice House looks like from the outside

Délice House

They give you a pitcher of cold tap water if you want and their washrooms are also free of charge for customers to use.

After our quick meal, we continued the rest of our afternoon at Galeries Lafayatte. 🙂

Have you been to Délice House before?  Personally, I think it’s a good affordable place for some quick Asian food if you are craving for it (or if you are a tourist needing to eat Asian food), otherwise, go out and experience some real French restaurants! 😛

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