Ladurée (Galeries Lafayette, Paris)

Ladurée macarons four flavours

Ladurée located at 1er étage (first floor) et RDC Le Printemps De La Maison, 64 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris in France

While “shopping” at Galeries Lafayette (Le Printemps De La Maison) in Paris, France, I was on the lookout for sweet French pastries and macarons (because who am I kidding — I don’t shop for clothes at shopping malls; I merely shop for food!).

I wanted to try macarons from Ladurée as I knew they were the top macaron shop in France — highly praised and popular macarons — and I wanted to experience it for myself.

I knew there was a Ladurée in the area and asked the security guard at the front of Le Printemps for directions.  Turns out that the Ladurée shop was right inside Le Printemps mall on the first floor!

We turned a left and then a right and saw it.

Ladurée shop located inside Galeries Lafayette

Ladurée shop located inside Galeries Lafayette

To be honest, I was a little dismayed that I would be trying the macaron from a small Ladurée pop-up shop compared to an actual Ladurée café with tables and seats, but it was still better than nothing.

sign of flavours of Ladurée macarons

Flavours of Ladurée macarons

Ladurée macarons

So many Ladurée macarons! So colourful ^_^

Ladurée macarons


Immediately I went up to the counter and viewed the available flavours.  The macarons were beautifully made!

I ended up choosing four to try.  At 2.10€ a pop, these little pastry desserts are not cheap!


macarons in a bag

Nestled in the paper bag

I chose Salted Caramel, Pistachio, Raspberry, and Rose Petal (on recommendation from the lady since Chocolate wasn’t available).

card showing Ladurée macarons

The Ladurée macarons card I later lost

The four macarons were placed in a paper bag with the Ladurée logo and the lady gave me a small Ladurée card showing all the macaron flavours too.

We found a spot outside to enjoy these macarons.

The shell of the macarons was so crunchy yet soft when you bit into it.  It was perfect as macarons should be and each flavour did reflect the flavour specified.

Salted Caramel macaron

Salted Caramel macaron

Rose Petal macaron

Rose Petal macaron

Pistachio macaron

Pistachio macaron

Raspberry macaron

Raspberry macaron

Out of the four, I found Salted Caramel to be unique and chewy.  The Rose Petal one didn’t stand out too much.  Pistachio definitely tasted like pistachio.  The Raspberry one did contain those characteristic raspberry seeds in the centre but was a bit overly sweet.

I was so grateful I got to try macarons from Ladurée! 😀


Next up, I want to try the ones from Pierre Hermé as I’ve heard those ones are also great. 🙂

Have you had macarons from Ladurée before?  What did you think of them?

(Sad fact: I accidentally dropped the Ladurée card when I got up from the park bench and then forgot about it.  By the time I returned to that spot hoping to get it back [food souvenir], it was already soiled and a cigarette butt had been squished on top of it — figures, Paris is full of smokers!).


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